A note for Sarah

Yeah, I’m a Palin supporter.  I was following the Draft Palin movement in the spring of ’08.  I can’t say I predicted it because I predicted that there was no way.  I’ve never gave money to a campaign before.  I gave to her (not McCain).  I was pretty much in the crowd that was sorely temped to let McCain sink.  But I had cast a protest vote before and helped put Bill Clinton in office.  Bad strategy.  I voted for Palin.

So there are lots of predictions about what she should do now.  The main theme of those comments revolve around her doing something for her.  Get her own talk show, run for Senate/President/NRC chair, etc.

What I came up with is that she should apply herself to continuing to repair the Republican Party in Alaska, breaking the hold of the old machine.  When the 2010 elections come around, she should put forward and support a slate of new faces for office.  This is the key though: she has to get them pushed through the primaries.  Where political machines really thrive is in the ability to control primaries.  The political machines provide the Get Out The Vote in the primaries for the machine’s candidates.  That’s how Ted Stevens got re-nominated.  Palin needs to back a slate of new blood Republicans and push people to vote for them in the primaries.


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