I thought the Democrats were opposed to corporate welfare?

In 1980, Chrysler got a hand up.  Lee Iacoca to a loan from the government, rebuilt the company and paid the loan back early.

The Great Recurring Auto Bailout (GRAB) has almost no hope of doing anything but cost more money later.  They’re not making any money.  They’re not going to make any money.  They have failed.  Management is clueless.  The UAW is corrupt with visions of the power it used to have.  The companies need to be restructured.  The unions need to be restructured.  Bite the bullet.  Let them fail.

Oh, I forgot.  It’s corporate welfare if you let a successful company keep some of its earnings.  It’s not corporate welfare to pump taxpayer money into failed businesses that funnel tons of money in donations directly and through the unions into the Democrat’s coffers.  Punish success, reward failure.


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