The Million Gun March

As is becoming increasingly evident, and has been brought up all over the web, everything that comes out of Obama’s mouth has an expiration date.  His claim to support and uphold the 2nd Amendment has expired.  His nominee for Attorney General, Eric Holder, is a hard core gun grabber.

So I was working out at the gym this morning wondering how to respond to a gun ban proposal and the Million Gun March came to mind.  What if a million gun owners descended on Washington, DC?  Dissent is the highest form of patriotism after all.  A million gun owners walking around Washington, DC openly carrying.  Rifles and shotguns slung.  Pistols holstered.  Living the Heinlein motto:  An armed society is a polite society.  How do the leftist media (that’s pretty much all the media) spin it when, rather than becoming Dodge City, crime in an armed city goes to just above zero?

This may be a make or break moment in the gun rights movement given the far left government that is forming and their dogmatic, almost religious, quest for a docile, disarmed citizenry.  The SCOTUS justices most likely to resign in the next four years are liberals, which will not enable Obama to change the make-up of the court and overturn Heller.  But accidents and human frailties do arise.  And Obama and friends don’t much believe in the Constitution anyway if it doesn’t serve their purposes.


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  2. […] Not my Million Gun March.  That didn’t seem to hit it off too well with my ones of […]

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