There’s nothing Progressive about the left

Don Surber discusses an article writen by Michael Lind in Salon.  Maybe I should see who Lind was discussing.  The question was whether “Liberals”, who have been calling themselves “Progressives” because evil Republicans made “Liberal” a dirty word, can start calling themselves “Liberals” again.

The answer is NO.  Not only should they not call themselves “Liberals”, they shouldn’t call themselves “Progressives”.  They should call themselves “Leftists”.  Because there is nothing much liberal or progressive about the left.  Statism, with its obsession with control and repression of liberties does not promote what liberals like the US Funding Fathers espoused and promoted.  In fact, if you read and understand the US Constitution, you can see that the Founding Fathers were very much the anti-statists.

If the Republican party want to complete the demonization of the word “Liberal”, it should adopt it for its own use.  Republicans – Liberal Conservatives.  Promoting individual liberties against state power, which is the conservative thing to do.


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