The Blue Coats are coming! The Blue Coats are coming!

Update:  My two regular readers pointed out at dinner today that I should clarify from where I am coming from when listing congresscritters to call.  This being appropriate as my two regular readers live in the same district.  The people listed below represent Missouri’s 1st Congressional District.  Obviously, the senators represent the entire state, but that does inlcude the 1st distrct.  So there.

The Donks in Congress have a major post-ChristmasHoliday Surprise in store for all you good little boys and girls next year.  Writing congresscritters is better than voting.  It’s legal to do it early and often.  And e-mail is WAY easier than the old Western Union polito-grams.

Kit Bond Republican running in 2010.  He needs to be reminded that not being a RINO is OK.  In fact, it’s prefered.  Bipartisanship with the Democrats means doing what they want. We don’t want that. He needs to know that.

Claire McCaskill Democrat running in 2012. Thinks she’s safe because she has four years and a Messiah for cover. Needs to be reminded that Missouri is not a blue state and that Missourians are rather conservative. This is not Massachusetts on the Missouri River.  She needs to learn that there are advantages to being a blue dog in a red state.

Lacy Clay if you feel like wasting your breath.

Tod Akin is receptive to people outside his district. Give him some love.


Freedom of Choice Act: The Catholic Church is threatening to close it’s entire medical system if FOCA forces them to perform abortions at their institutions.  Catholic medical centers make up about 1/3 of the hospitals in the US.  Think of St. Johns Mercy, St. Louis University Hospital, St. Mary’s, Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital, etc. closing their doors overnight.  I’m sure the Democrat’s response will be to try to nationalize them because of the medical “crisis” they caused.  This is some high stakes poker the Catholic Church is playing.  The bishops are sounding like they have a Cause and they’re ready to tie themselves to stakes and light the fires.  There’s an easy way to avoid it.

Employee Freedom of Choice Act (Uh huh)  Card Check…uncheck.

Tax increases.  It’s simple.  Any congresscritter who can’t demonstrate that they wrote a check and sent it to the IRS as a gift to the country has no business telling me I need to pay more.  Capishe?  In fact I want the Charlie Rangel tax plan enacted as law.  Namely, it doesn’t matter what the tax code says, I won’t pay it and I won’t get in trouble for it.

Folks…sitting back with popcorn and watching the show is NOT an option.  Barry may be trying to start out halfway middl’n.  But congress is going to push a way left agenda and He has NEVER fought his party.  The press will not report on what’s going though Congress.  They will focus on the One and use him as a Trojan Horse to lull the citizenry into a sense of complacency while the leftists open the gates to let the barbarians in.

Oh, yeah.  Did I mention Comprehensive Immigration Reform?


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