I’m back

Apologies to Democratic America, Government and Election.  This site linked to some of my posts but I’m such a newbie at running this site, I didn’t know I was supposed to approve comments before they showed up.

I’ve been on travel and then had to finish a final paper to finish this semester’s bondage.  I’m free until January.  Except for that Christmas thing…and that bathroom rebuilding project…and getting the #1 daughter’s wheels running when she comes back from school…but mostly it’s that Christmas thing.

Yes Virginia (and Alabama, and Alaska,…) we say Christmas around here, even if the closest I get to a church is reading The Anchoress. You don’t have to worship the god to enjoy the presents, and the company, and the good tidings. Anti-theists would be a whole lot more mellow if they could figure that out. But they wouldn’t be anti-theists then, would they.


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