Why won’t the Global Warmists admit defeat?

Because it’s not about Glowbull Warning.  Never was.  It was about political power and luddite driven deindustrialization (yeah, I made that word up) and environazi anti-humanism.

Cold temperature records continue to be set around the world.  Oceans are cooling and lowering, glaciers that have been retreating for centuries are growing.  Antarctic sea ice is reaching record coverage, Arctic sea ice is growing at record pace.  Virtually every prediction that the AGW (Anthropogenic Global Warming) crowd has made has failed to come to pass.  It’s almost as if the Earth (Mother Gaia) is trying to give them a lesson in hubris.  Unfortunately, she’s talking to an empty class room, because they were never listening to her in the first place.


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  1. Davido on

    If current cooling continues it will be interesting to see how well global warming-ites wear the “denier” label.

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