Republic of Fear

Iraq under Saddam Hussein was often called the Republic of Fear.  Everyone was taught to understand in no uncertain terms; survival = obedience.  Obedience did not = survival.  Under Saddam, people learned that even the most obedient servant could get picked up in a purge, caught in the crossfire, or simply targeted for the Husseins’ amusement.  And willingness to obey was not sufficient.  Saddam’s Republic of Fear had no forgiveness for mistakes.  Stepping out of line, even by accident could leave you deposited in pieces in small cardboard boxes at your family’s front door.  Fear was the motivator, the educator, the guiding light through a life.

For the last few years, the leftists/anti-Bush/democrats accused the right/Bush/republicans of fomenting fear as a way to garner votes.  Mostly fear from attack by outside forces.  “Terrorism” in leftist circles was simply fear-mongering, a way to say “boo!” to children and scare them back into the corner of the ‘pro-defense’ party.

But lets look at the real Republic of Fear in the United States.  Let’s look at the left’s fear-mongering.

For decades, the left has pounded out the message that if they are not listened to and obeyed, THE WORLD WILL END!  No mere attack that will kill people and seriously disrupt our national economy.  We will ALL die.  Not a threat to our way of life (which by the way they wouldn’t see as a bad thing.)  It will be the End Of Days.  Only by enslaving ourselves to their enlightened vision can we be preserved, if you ignore the fact that much of their vision is the elimination of most or all of the human race depending on which flavor of environut is speaking at the moment.  Most of the environazi movement, Anthropogenic Global Warming in general, algore in particular, justify their solutions and demands for blind obedience by claiming that humanity will end if they are ignored.  No fear-mongering there.  No siree bob.

From there, we can go though the whole litany of liberal fears.  Outsourcing will cost you your job, even though the unemployment was the lowest in my experience.  Your children will go without.  You won’t get a flat screen TV.    “FEAR!!!   FEAR EVERYTHING!!!!  Only we can save you.  Give yourself to us.  We are the ones you have been waiting for!”  Throw in the class hatred fears.  “We punish success to spread the wealth or we fear somebody might get rich.”

The Left wants people to fear far more than the right does.  The Right doesn’t want people to quake in fear.  The conservative position it to stand resolutely against the darkness, a la Battle of Britain.  That’s what the gun thing is all about.  The Left thrives on people quaking in fear like the armies of Mordor.  That’s the reason for the anti-gun thing.  The only reason any society is disarmed is not to make it safe, but to make it docile…and weak…and helpless…and helplessness leads to fear, the Ambrosia of the Left.


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