Taxes for Thee but not for Me

If paying taxes is patriotic, what should we make of the Obama “Government of Tax Cheaters”?

Tom Daschle with has been added to “The Most Tax Corrupt Administration Ever”. Turns out that he had a $100,000 tax bill that he considered himself too good to have to pay.

I’ve never had much sympathy for the Wesley Snipes, Willy Nelson, etc. who get nailed for tax evasion. Much as I don’t like taxes… As unbridled corrupt as the system is… taxes are real. If you make money, you KNOW that the tax man wants a piece of it. If you make lots of money, you get to hire accountants to minimize what the tax man getteth. But you don’t get to just ignore it.

Is it just me, or is there some truly profound message in the fact that the “Party of Higher Taxes” has so many members who think “Except for Me”? Is it highlighting the unbridled arrogance of people who truly believe that they are some type of higher class (in the traditional blue blood, Kennedyesque, not really of the same species sense) of people anointed by some higher power (Gaia? Their infinite sense of self-worth?) to rule the lower class plebes? Privileged by assuming that ‘burden’ to not be bound by the rules they impose on their lower class wards? Warren Buffet says taxes are too low while he pays an army of accountants to protect his wealth. What a blowhard hypocrite. If he truly believed that, he could fire the accountants, write a big check to the government, and then tell us we don’t pay enough.

Taxes to these people are not a mechanism to pay for government. If that were true, they would be more willing to pay them. It is a form of government. Just as the torture chambers of Saddam’s Republic of Fear were used to keep the riff raff in their place, Leftists use taxes to keep the opposition in its place. Classic Stalinist communism. Steal everything. Give it back to maintain the minimum level of societal function to keep the plebes quiet, reward obedience, and distribute the rest among the ruling nomenklatura* as payment for their ‘sacrifice’. Leftists see no reason to pay taxes because they see no need for them to control themselves.

I’ve said it before, so let’s sing it again.
Chorus: “There is nothing liberal about the Left. There is nothing Progressive about the Left.”

The Democrats are not Liberals. The Democrats are not Progressive.

The attitude of these people who are assuming power in the Obama administration and the congressional majority is the antithesis of the egalitarian philosophies of the liberals who cast off the monarchy to create the republic.

Paying taxes may in fact be patriotic (hat tip to Joe “Foot-in-mouth” Biden). But espousing higher taxation as a means of control, especially while assuming one too privileged to pay themselves, may be treason to the fundamental philosophy on which a free and open society is built.

* Nomenklatura – Soviet Union ruling elite. aka: Communist party bigwigs.


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