Can we start to question who’s side He’s on yet?

Jim [Mad Money] Cramer reported that Obama channeled Vladimir Lenin with his anti-Wall Street comment about, “…this is not the time for profits…”

Not knowing how anything works is certainly not a rare characteristics in Government.  In fact, the outcome of most government action pretty much proves that it is the rule rather than the exception.

But shouldn’t someone point out to The First Coming (apparently Jesus was just a lead in act) that the definition of a recession is that NOBODY”S MAKING ANY MONEY?  All those companies that have closed, or been absorbed by other companies (or absorbed huge quantities of taxpayer’s money) did so because they weren’t making any money.  The problem is not that they are making too much money.  The problem is that they are making too little.  Obama’s job is not to keep companies from making money.  His job is to create an environment where they roll in it.  That’s what creates prosperity.  Heck, that’s the very definition of prosperity.  That’s what makes them run out and hire people with whom they can make even more money.  That’s what makes them share the wealth.

So, since he is the smartest man on Earth (as Witnessed by his worshipers) how can he be taking positions that are absolutely, positively, diametrically opposed to what he is supposed to be doing unless he’s doing the wrong thing intentionally?

or in other words…

With a president like this, who needs enemies.

WPE 1,448*


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  1. smellytourist on

    We need this president to NEGOTIATE with our enemies…

  2. way2opinionated on

    Yes, we do. Let’s see how that is going.

    In thirteen days…Iran called him out as a wimp. Putin thumbs his nose at him. Sarkozy called him a naive empty suit during the campaign and he’s all but lit the fuze on a trade war with Canada…soon to be the world if the “earmarkzilla porkfest buy democrats power for the rest of eternity by bankrupting the country” bill goes through with the anti-trade clauses still in it.

    Nice start.

    We need him to negotiate with our enemies, not for them.

    Can we get Bush back?

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