The Second Coming of Carter

Victor Davis Hanson at National Review Online predicts an Obama meltdown.  His prediction is, “If he doesn’t quit the messianic style and perpetual campaign mode, and begin humbly governing, then he will devolve into Carterism—angry that the once-fawning press betrayed him while we the people, due to our American malaise, are to blame.” misses one point.  Carter never suffered the vanity problem Obama has.  Carter was incompetent, but never grandiose, or vain.  Obama, the egocentric Chicago politician with Saul Alinski roots, will not look for people to blame.  He will look for people to punish.  The meltdown could be of the nuclear kind.  Beware the fallout.


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  1. djcnor on

    LOL! Obama will not melt down. I do hope he will finally be convinced to give the Republicans some of the same treatment they’re giving him and his team. If his team really went after Republican officials for every little flaw in their character or background, there wouldn’t be a Republican in the House or Senate, and they should remember that.

  2. way2opinionated on

    What have the republicans given him besides respectful opposition? Has he been called a chimp? By an “honorable congressman” on the floor of Congress? Shall we compare that to the vile Democrats calling for war crime trials and impeachments for differences of policy, most of which they voted for?

    The Obama transition has been a comedy of errors, driven by Obama’s COMPLETE lack of executive experience. He’s nominated more corrupt officials in two weeks than Bush did in eight years (difference between a governor and a ‘community organizer’?) He’s still got a tax cheat’n tax collector and tax cheat’n Charlie Rangle still writes the country’s tax law. These are not little character flaws. Sorry. Democrats demonstrate the corruption of unaccountability because the liberal press will not challenge them.

  3. djcnor on

    That made me laugh even harder. The Republicans haven’t given Obama a moment of “respectful opposition”. They’ve given every single one of his nominees a closer examination than they themselves could have come through. They’ve complained after only 10 days that he hasn’t solved the problems their bad choice landed on the world. And your claim of Bush appointing less corrupt officials is both absurd and downright laughable. (You either know that or are suffering from extreme delusion. I favor the second.)

  4. way2opinionated on

    Give me examples of republicans calling him names. The democrats didn’t examine Bush’s appointees. They stonewalled them. Or used the appointment for yet another round of political theater. Only one of Bush’s appointees got caught with tax issues (nanny related).

    The problem is that in 15 days he hasn’t really done anything except break promises. Or as was noted time and again during the campaign…everything that comes out of his mouth has an expiration date. Promise no lobbyists? Appoint over one a day. Most ethical administration? As long as breaking the law isn’t an issue. He abdicates the bailout to Pelosi. Fine leadership. He is the antithesis of Ready On Day One. Smart guy. Maybe he’ll get his sea legs under him. But Carter was a smart guy, too. He got worse as time went by.

    Management is not just how many brain cells you have to rub together. Venture magazine tried to quantify an E.Q, Emotional Quotient, to try to figure out what it really took to be a successful executive because IQ often does not correlate to success.

  5. […] I just went back and added a name to a previous post that I had forgotten to title.  “The Second Coming of Carter” and a terrible vision of the future popped into my head.  Obama is 47.  He’ll be an […]

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