And my reply…

Sen. McCaskill;

Thank you very much for your reply.

Pouring gasoline on a house fire is not an appropriate act.   The financial collapse was caused by too much debt in the market.  Fixing it with even more debt is a lot like that gasoline.  The current recession is on par with the savings and loan collapse in the ’80s.  The Resolution Trust Fund fixed in in two years and didn’t cost $Trillion in unbridled pork spending.  The blatant fear mongering is uncalled for.  FDR used “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.”  That would be a better approach.

I do not and will not support Pres. Obama’s, Nancy Pelosi’s or Harry Reid’s socialist agenda being stood up at the gates disguised as a horse.  I’m familiar with the story of the Trojan Horse and I know how it turned out for the recipients.

I truly appreciate your communications.

Very Respectfully;

Jack Howard


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