Is “Democrat” an oxymoron?

(Be advised.  Full flow rant ahead.)

Why?  Because it’s pretty clear that Democrats as a party are completely uninterested in the idea of a free and fair election.  What Democrats really aspire to is the unbridled quest for power at any cost.  The One’s move to have the census counted by the White House is just the most recent move.

Voter fraud, ballot box stuffing, disenfranchising the military are just some of the recent actions.  Fighting photo ID because it would keep their ACORNs from voting multiple times.  George Soros funded a movement to promote, not presidents or governors, but Secretaries of State (curiously called the Secretary of State Project) because the SoS oversee the tabulation of election results.

The big concern expressed with electronic voting machines was always outside hacking.  But that’s not the big issue.  The real issue is who owns the machines.  Because if the owner of the machine changes the count, who’s going to know?  How is it going to be proven?  But this is becoming the same issue in areas all around the country.  In how many districts in the East and most urban areas are the votes counted solely by Democrats?  In Minnesota’s recount, exactly 100 ballots showed up after the election, curiously all for the Democratic candidate.

Obama never won an election before this last one.  Instead, he had his opponents disqualified.  For his presidential run, he spent dirty money while carried by a fawning Democratic national press corps that runs by its own admission almost 90% Democrat.  Any surprise that he congratulated Hugo Chavez for becoming dictator for life.  Any surprise that Democrats in Congress are already working on repealing the 22nd amendment so Obama can be appointed by all the Democratic Secretaries of State as President for Life?

So now we have the Worst Government Ever.  And the only thing they are really working on is securing their own power ‘cuz they’re not going to get far on competence.


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