A word of caution to the Tea Party movement

The Boston Tea Party led to six years of open warfare during which the Revolutionaries were in full flight defeat mode most of the time.

If you’re going to use historical parallels, keep them in perspective.


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  1. dcbarton on

    The Boston Tea Party didn’t lead to open warfare, the opposition to excessive taxation lead to six years of open warfare. The attempt to disarm Concord and Lexington lead to six years of open warfare. The oppresion of individual liberties and freedom lead to six years of open warfare. The corruption of and domination by a government that cared nothing for its subjects lead to six years of open warfare.
    The Tea Party Movement is currently engaged only in public protests against an increasingly tyrannical and oppressive government. At what point do we decide to stand up for what is right? At what point do we say our freedoms are important? At what point do we say the fruits of our labor are ours alone? Maybe we should wait until there is nothing left to stand up for?

  2. way2opinionated on

    I didn’t say wait. I said be aware.

    People tend to romanticize the past. The current resident of the White House loves to romanticize about Lincoln. He conveniently ignores that Lincoln unified a divided country with 4 years of war and 600,000 dead because it doesn’t fit the narrative. How many supporters of the invasion of Iraq went all wobbly after four years? Things didn’t go according to plan, so let’s throw in the towel. I stand as one of the few people who didn’t go wobbly because I know that war is not linear and the opposition has a say into any plans that may have been made.

    War and revolution are often simply tests of nerve. You lose your nerve, you lose, period. If you’re going to throw tea, be prepared for the consequences. Obama and the Democrats didn’t get the power they have accumulated just to go, “Oh, our mistake. We’ll fix that problem right now.”

  3. dcbarton on

    You are right, but if you never start, you never finish. The people have to start somewhere, and to grab guns and head to Washington is a bad way to start. You have to start with moral authority, if it moves to a shooting war at least you can say you tried the peaceful way first. I tend to think that Obama will try a shooting war before he and the Democrats back off, but there has to be civil disobedience and attempts to bury the Congress and White House in phone calls, emails and letters, telling them what the people expect them to do before we can justify a shooting war.
    I do agree with you on Iraq, it wasn’t just our opinion to decide if the war was over. But I would go further in saying that the weapons of mass destruction were a moot point. The real issue in Iraq was its location and the fact that the Islamic extremists had to come there to fight us or lose the support of their Islamic base. After we went into Afghanistan, as winter set in, the terrorists started to disappear. The media told us that is how they fight, they’ll be back in spring. They didn’t come back in spring, but the Minutemen reported an increase of Islamic trash on our southern border on their website, indicating that the terrorists were attempting to come here. We needed someplace they had to come to fight and Iraq fit the bill.

  4. dcbarton on

    Also, you explain your opinions much better when you use more than two sentences

  5. way2opinionated on

    You missed my post on the Million Gun March.

    Yes, some of my posts are abbreviated. Unlike some bloggers I suspect, I have a real job, two kids in college, broken down old house, etc. I have to choose between regular posts or longer posts. So some posts shoot from the hip. Others are aimed. Of course, whether they hit anything or not is a different matter. Thanks for the feedback.

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