After the Tea Party

It would be nice to think that a few hundred or thousand people standing around with signs would/could change the world.  But if it were so easy, the leftists would have taken over the country decades ago.

The Tea Party movement is going to have to move on to something else.  Tea Parties are going to have to become TEAPARTYPALOOZA.  People who allowed themselves to be duped into voting for the leftists are going to have to be ‘enlightened’ as to the consequenses of their actions.  Conservative/independents who sat out the last election because they didn’t really see a conservative/independent candidate need to understand the consequences of abstention when there are leftists on the ballot.

The Obama administration and Democratic congress have conducted the most secretive government I’vd known in my life.  And the so called ‘representatives of the people’ have failed utterly in serving the people by voting for monstrous appropriation bills with even caring what was in them.  The Tea Partiers have to shine the Light on this government that slinks in the shadows.

1.  The Opposition to the crimes being committed by the government have to be convinced to vote.

2.  The Opposition has to get involved in the election process.  If the Democrats dominate the election process they will get to count the votes, and decide who’s matters.  Volunteer for election judge duty.  Become an Opposition party observer (which pretty much means Republican).  Support candidates for Secretary of State and boards of election commissioners.  It doesn’t help to support a candidate for governor or president if a radical leftist Secretary of State tries to throws the election.

3.  Get involved in school boards.  Leftists dominate the higher educational system.  Public education is dominated by leftist unions and they want our children to be compliant with their goals.  Administrators, principles and teachers who try to teach and discipline children need a school board that does not buckle under the pressure to be politically correct.

That’s my top three list for now.  Getting people to vote is important, but it doesn’t matter if the Democrats get to count the results.  Taking back control of the public school system is a much longer term issue.  The left has been active for decades.  They have funding and organization.  Conservatives have not and do not.  That will have to change.  The socialist takeover in Washington may be enough to get people riled up.  But without organization and direction, it won’t accomplish anything.

Viva La Revolution


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