I don’t want his autograph

Time magazine has an article online that claims that What Republicans Really Want is Pres. Obama’s autograph.  How even though they are differentiated politically, they too fawn over lyrical melody of the World’s Greatest Orator.  It would be racist to just call it a voice.

I’m familiar enough with history to know about some of the other “World’s Greatest Orators”.  It is apparently one of the main contributors to the leader cults that have filled history with interesting chapters.

I have a suggestion for people who might be too easily influenced by The Orator.  Don’t listen.  Read.  See if the words work as well when there are only words and not Oration.  The Great Orator loves to compare Himself to Abraham Lincoln.   But Lincoln’s words work when immortalized in marble walls.  I suspect The One’s words won’t fair so well.


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  1. futiledemocracy on

    Whereas Bush, Palin and Jindal should be remembered as “how not to do it” in the school of Oratory.

    • way2opinionated on

      I do not disagree. None of them are great orators. And yet, they have all demonstrated monumentally greater ability to actually govern and accomplish things that The Great Won. It is enough to make one wonder if oratory maybe isn’t the principle requirement for leadership. Maybe it’s not even a necessary skill. Abraham Lincoln was not the principle speaker at Gettysburg. Without going to Google, can you name the person who mesmerized the crowd for an hour and a half before Lincoln’s four minute speech?

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