I’m speechless

And apparently, so is the President of the United States.

I had recently decided to point out that the Emperor (or whatever it is he wants to be) has no clothes. (Yeah, like I’m the first.)

The issue is how smart this guy is supposed to be.  Most recent revelation…he does not speak in public without a teleprompter.  You can’t make this stuff up.  No wonder nobody can satirize him.  He can’t do a simple introduction without props.  Wish I had a picture of a dummy with someone’s hand up its butt.  The One We Have Been Waiting For is afraid to face unprompted questions from the press that has sold its soul for him.  There is talk about fitting him with an earpiece in order to do press conference so his handlers can feed him responses.  Folks, in school, that’s called cheating.  George Bush was painful to listen to, but at least he had the temerity to stand there at take the slings and arrows of a hostile media.  Imagine the howls if he had somebody whisper in his ear before he answered any questions.  Do you miss him yet?

Is there anything this guy can’t not do?  He can’t speak.  He can’t govern.  He can’t manage. (apparently nobody told him the job description included being an executive)  Apparently not a carpenter either.  He can’t make a cabinet.  He sucks lemons at international diplomacy.  After two years of talking about how we needed to improve relations with our allies, he has insulted, abandoned and pretty much put down about half of them in just about two months.  Much more improved relations and our allies will be attacking us…as in one if by land or two if by sea. (I guess now you have to add three if by air)

I’ve spent about seven years in college and am working on my fourth degree.  Don’t tell me he’s smart because he was a professor.  I’ve seen smart professors and he’s not one.  He is studious.  He reads the book, listens to the lectures, and answers the neatly phrased questions on the test.  He has no original ideas.  He is an ideologue.  He does what’s in the book.  If you put him in a round room and told him revolutionaries stand in corners, he would wear out the floor looking for one.  (Not the corner.  He’d be looking for the revolutionary so they can hang out together.)

A deep resonant voice is not governance.  And that is apparently all he’s got.  A One trick pony.

This is so far from the Being of Light I was promised.


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