Told ya’ so

Powerline has a discussion on the senatorial recount in Minnesota.  The crux of the discussion reinforces what I have been saying.  It is not enough to get conservatives mad.  It is not enough to get conservatives to vote.  The Democrats will break the rules to increase their influence and if the votes are counted by the Democrats, they win.

Any Republican strategy to counter the Democrats that does not include election reform to tighten up the process will fail.  Conservatives on the whole believe in democracy and the rule of law.  That’s what makes them conservatives.  Democrats believe in the accumulation of power.  That’s what makes them leftists.  Republicans generally support the promotion of democracy.  Democrats, ironically, do not.  Democrats believe in the promotion of Democrats.

The US electoral process is based on an honor system.  It assumes that people will obey the law and abide by the results.  That The People will go to their polling places and cast their vote and it will all be captured in a Norman Rockwell painting.  Maybe once upon a time.  Democrats have shown that they obey the law of the jungle and only abide by results when they win.  Election fraud dates back to the earliest colonial days, but the Democrats are taking it national as a new and dangerous form of governing.

It is good to be honorable.  It is good to be able to treat others as honorable.  But follow Reagan’s dictum, “Trust, but verify.”   Assuming others are honorable in the face of contravening evidence, is foolish.


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