I know the sinister plot of The Evil One

Every day.  Every %#$%^#@#% day, the Obama adminstration does something outrageous.  Bankrupt the country one day.  Appoint the tax cheat’n tax collector.  Today, the head of the Veterans Administration said it was considering charging servicemen wounded in combat for their medical care.  Charging the servicemen.

And then I got it!

It is a plot to overload everyone’s outrage.  He keeps doing things that you just can’t believe he’s doing, over, and over, and over, and over again until nobody cares anymore.  Nobody can care anymore.  Their outrage is burned out.

Then he can really get radical.

PS:  This is where everyone is supposed to remind me of the Golden Rule;  Never attribute to malice what can be explained by incompetence.

PPS:  Note to Democrats and people who vote ‘feelings’.  This is why they invented resumes.  Might want to review them next election.


5 comments so far

  1. dcbarton on

    It will never happen, too many vets and too many families of vets.

  2. way2opinionated on

    Also too many people who respect vets, like most of the population.

    To their credit, it was dead on arrival in Congress when the Democrats saw it. Which makes the idea all that much dumber.


    Seems to me like this might discourage people from signing up!
    Wonder what would happen if everyone stopped joining and a lot of the current enlisted wanted out because of this?
    That might make us weak! Anybody following me?

    • way2opinionated on

      I suspect that the grubs crawling under the White House lawn gets more respect from Obama than the average person in uniform. He is a leftist ideologue. Hating the military probably has a chapter of its own in his ideological cookbook.

  4. […] be falling for their plan.  It’s diabolical and it’s working.  Even though I pointed this out long ago, I’m succumbing to their diabolical […]

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