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Economists at UCLA published a paper in 2004 where they reached the conclusion that rather than save the nation from the Great Depression, the government’s interference probably doubled its duration.  It was why Europe had a plain ol’ Depression and the US had a Great Depression.  And this was not just Roosevelt’s doing.  Far from the laizzes faire economics that Roosevelt accused him of, Hoover jammed through a bunch of stimulus spending with the intent of spending the country out of the the recession.  The Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act which was supposed to fire up the economy by smothering it under a protectinist blanket was passed in 1930.  Hardly the action of a laizzes faire administration.  This kept the recession going long enough for Roosevelt to pick up Hoover’s tactics and drive the country from a mere depression to a Great Depression.

So now we have Bush proudly socializing the banking industry and auto industry and handing the reigns over to a leftist who has every intention of taking the same policies even farther…

It’s all kind of depressing actually.

But why?  Why does the government behave this way?  The answer is that to large swaths of the electorate, they are doing the right thing.  These people are convinced of that because they have NO FREAK’N IDEA what they’re talking about.  Now admittedly, economics is not simple field.  In its entirety, it is a hard science with complex mathematical relations and people spend their lives trying to understand just portions of it.  But WHY can’t the public schools teach even the very basics of economics?  Supply and demand is not a political position.  It is a manifestation of the natural laws of conservation.  In virtually all times and places, trade was a good thing.  Prosperity came with trade and breakdowns in trade systems usually brought dark ages.  Yet the products of the public school system are falling in line to have rationing (health care) and price controls (nationalization) put in place.  And the first reaction to a downturn was to seal the borders (except to illegals).

This entire disaster unfolding in Washington is a manifestation of the failure of the public school system to educate.  Kids come out ignorant and indoctrinated.  Preprogrammed to accept the empty blatherings of The One.  Why did Bill Ayres go into education?  Why did the Educational Establishment in higher education take him in?

The Conservative movement will not be saved by tea bags or bumper stickers (mine notwithstanding).  It will gain momentum when the public education system begins teaching conservative concepts like the spirits of freedom, liberties and enterprise.  And hard subjects like economics, statistics and science.

Stopping the Obamadministration, paring back the bloated federal budget, restoring America’s position of leadership (which took Barry all of 54 days to loose) will only be a momentary pause on the road to perdition if the left can keep spreading its cancer through generations of youngsters.


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