Hey! Maybe I should debate Obama!

Since The One isn’t willing to debate a deaf, drug addled, fat man, maybe he would debate me.  After all, I cast as big a shadow as El Rushbo.

I don’t have great depth of knowledge.  I have no executive experience.  I haven’t accomplished anything in government.  Some would say I haven’t accomplished a whole lot, period.  I’m an unimaginitive political ideologue.  I can’t even read a teleprompter (reading and talking at the same time is too much multitasking).  It would pretty much be a match between peers.  Of course, I do have adult experience working in foreign countries.  He may consider that an unfair advantage.

I wonder who’s hand would be up his backside making his mouth move?

PS:  I have a face made for radio, a voice made for silent movies and a body made to anchor dirigibles in strong winds so he doesn’t have to fear that I will overshadow his luminence.


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