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The administration’s latest move is to tell veterans that they should pay for their service related medical expenses.  [Sigh]  More here at Ace of Spades.  OK, let’s count the ways that this is wrong.

1. Representatives of the major veterans groups met with Obama and his posse at the White House to appeal to them on the moral obligation of the US to take care of its veterans.  They forgot that leftists in general and Obama in particular have nor moral compass.  There is only expediency, revenge against all of history’s wrongs and the insatiable quest for power.  Besides which, they are not Obama’s veterans*, they are George Bush’s.

2.  What a marvelously wonderful way for the Leftists to show their absolute and total disdain for the military.  What better way for people who “Only support troops who shoot their officers.” to tell off the baby killers – all in the name of ‘fiscal responsibility’.  Positively diabolical.

3.  As part of the intellectually vacuous populist politicians of the day, they show their complete and total lack of understanding of how economics and the insurance industry works.  Obama views insurance companies like every other private enterprise – as a cash cow to milk without concern for the consequences**.

In all likelihood, Congress will kill this one on sight because the Democrats want to get re-elected.  But it provides a wonderful insight into the attitudes and mentality of the administration.

* Of course, given Obama’s penchant for tossing people under the bus, being one of his veterans probably won’t buy a second’s consideration.

** Obama is hardly unique in this sense.  The populist political class has for year acted like money grew on insurance companies, forcing them to provide mandatory coverage that was not part of existing policies.  This of course forced the insurance companies to raise rates, thereby giving the politicians more populist ammunition to beat them over the head with – for being greedy.  Obama telling veterans to get their own coverage will make veterans uninsurable (another way to punish the baby killers, I’m sure).  Some other politicians will then legislate that to be discriminitory so insurance companies will have to provide coverage, the expense of which will be born by the other policy holders who will then complain to the political whores about their rates going up.  And people wonder why stuff doesn’t work.


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