The Tea Party needs to become official (updated)

Either a faction of the Republicans…to take advantage of the party infrastructure…or an independent party.

It’s a simple platform.

1.  A constitutional limit on federal spending as a % of GDP.  The power to tax is the power to destroy and those fools in Washington are destroying everything.  As part of this amendment, the government would be obligated to abide by the same accounting practices it imposes on private concerns (good for the goose, good for the gander).  No off budget accounting.  Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid would have to be accounted for as liabilities on the books.  All $56 Trillion of it.

2.  Balanced budget amendment.  The power to borrow is as corrupting as the power to tax.  It is the power to tax people who aren’t born yet and can’t vote.  I used to oppose the idea of balanced budget amendments because in business, it is irresponsible to not properly leverage your assets.  But I now know that the ability to borrow at the federal level is as corrupting as letting that nice Mr. Caesar have a sole consul seat and dictatorial powers for the rest of his life*.  It is a power that needs to be checked.

3.  A plan to pay off the national debt.  It’s been done before.  I believe Canada did it.  With no debt and forbidden to borrow, the United States will no longer be a third world debtor nation.

4.  A return to the gold standard, or at least some standard.  The power to print money is the power to borrow is the power to tax is the power to destroy.  What if the money supply were simply fixed.  Print out 10 trillion shares of America at a dollar a share.  That’s how a capitalist country should work.

5.  Congressional (15 year) and SCOTUS (18 year) term limits.  All of this nonsense nowadays is being driven by the entrenched professional political class who’s sole purpose is their own empowerment and aggrandizement.  Twelve years in each house of Congress, so a House to Senate career would make a 24 year career.  Thirty two years if they go to the White House, but…see 6. Eighteen years in SCOTUS means a justice is replaced every two years but no single president can pack a majority of the court (unless the president actually serves part of third term, which hasn’t actually happened since term limits were enacted.)  Chief Justice is rotated throught the fifth senior justice.  Been around long enough to know the process.  Not yet getting distracted by thoughts of life after the Court.

6.  Ban sitting members of Congress from running for President.  Otherwise their ambitions corrupt their focus on their constituents.  They’ve already got a day job.  Obamaing their office by spending 150 days in their seat and then running off and ignoring their duties is fundamentally wrong.  If they want to run for president, they need to leave Congress and run for president.  A cooling off period would help enforce that; i.e. two years out of congressional office before a presidential term would start…kind of like the Baseball Hall of Fame.  I’m less concerned about sitting governors running.  That’s an issue for each state to decide.

The authors of the Constitution created a system of checks and balances to keep any one branch from becoming too powerful.  They did not consider the possibility that ALL of the branches would become too powerful and reinforce rather than limit each other.  A Constitutional limit on the size of federal government would fix that.

* That was how Julius Caesar aquired the throne of Rome, ending the republican age and bringing the age of the emperors…after a few years of civil war**.

** Civil war.  Now there’s an oxymoron for you.


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