The War On Work

Kevin at Dean’s World linked to a YouTube video of Mike Rowe giving a speech at some conference in California.  Details aren’t provided, and aren’t important.

For those of you not familiar with Mike Rowe’s show, he is the host of the Discovery Channel show Dirty Jobs where he goes around looking for people doing the kinds of jobs they don’t make TV shows about…and makes a TV show about it (I think he used that line for a Dirty Jobs commercial once).  I saw the castration episode of which he speaks.  I wasn’t surprised that it ran at 11:00 PM.  It’s a bit graphic.  He describes the show in the video better than I can.  If you missed it, here is everything you ever wanted to know about sheep castration.  Now go watch the speech video.  It’s 20 minutes long.  Don’t worry.  I’ll wait.

[Jeopardy music playing]

Welcome back.

I watched this video with various levels of impression going through my mind.

1)  I like Dirty Jobs.  My wife and I are both fairly impressed with Mike Rowe’s command of the situations he gets himself into and while his place is to play the dummy, it’s clear that he’s got a whole lot going on between the ears.  This video emphasizes that impression…a lot.

2) Shallow politcal impression.  It’s difficult not to compare Mike’s performance on the stage, giving what is surely a prepared speech to the performance of the Stutterer-in-Chief.  Mike’s doing his spiel without props, apparently without teleprompter, ad libbing at appropriate places.  No stuttering.  Like a professional speaker.  Like an orator.  Obama can’t say hello without a training wheels and apparently, fell off anyway when he gave the President of Ireland’s speech which was running on the teleprompter, thanking himself for his own hospitalty.  He doesn’t even listen to himself.  He just reads.  Somebody’s hand up his butt makes his lips move.  Some genius.  I can barely contain my over awedness.

3)  Deep political impression.  You can’t believe how I was stricken with anagnorisis* by his conclusion that the United States is at War Against Work.  To say that conclusion is profound is an understatement.  He discovered that working is good.  That working is fulfilling in its own right.  It’s not just the means to the next party/binge/escape that the left has taught through the media and political channels.  Does working 35 hours per week make the French happy?  Hardly.  I can’t even say the right gets this because the political right is as indoctronated in the War Against Work as the left.  It is the War Against Work that justifies the union movement.  All work is agony.  The workers are pitiful servants of evil masters slaving away at thankless tasks without a hope of salvation.  War Against Work gives us the welfare state.  This is going to take more to analyze than I can give here.  We will return to this subject later.

* Also known as discovery, originally meant recognition in its Greek context, not only of a person but also of what that person stood for, what he or she represented; it was the hero’s suddenly becoming aware of a real situation and therefore the realisation of things as they stood; and finally it was a perception that resulted in an insight the hero had into his relationship with often antagonistic characters within Aristotelian tragedy
[Text shamelessly copied from Wikipedia]


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