An Occupied Country (updated)

Consider the idea that the United States is a country occupied by its own government.

The Democrats, who accused Bush of shredding the Constitution, act as if it simply does not exist.  They have openly violated the ban on Bills of Attainder, arbitrary and capricious acts, seizure without compensation.  And on Nov 4, 2010, the Democrats will count the ballots in way too many districts and put the Democrats back in power.

(update) Oh, yeah.  Did I forget to mention the exploitation of the country for the government’s own enrichment and aggrandizement?  Isn’t this what so called liberals disagreed with about colonialism?

The main stream media outlets are embargoing coverage of the Tea Parties.  The civil disobedience act of the week should be to hold the Tea Party protests in front of the offices of the lame stream media.  If they will not cover the Tea Parties, the won’t get to cover anything.  Set up the protest in front of the window behind the Today show.  Make it emberrasing and awkward for the Democratic propogandists to try to hide them.


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