Hey! Jacques Chirac is the president of France again!

The Great God Obama sent a letter to the President of France promising to work together in peace for the future of mankind.  He sent the letter to Jacques Chirac.  Now he might have had a hint that Jacques was no longer the president of France because during his His Hajj to Europe last summer, he sat down and visited with the then President of France, Nicolas Sarkozy.  Apparently, Mr. Sarkozy did not meet the The Great God Obama’s satisfaction.  So TGGO (it’s hard to keep writing out the full name every time) fired him and re-instated Jacques.  The Divinity of his Will is demonstrated by the Divine Subtlety of his expression.  Rather then striking the wicked Nicky with lightening, he simply addressed a letter to who he thinks the President of France.  I expect the Hungarian usurper’s resignation momentarily.

Some will claim that this misdirected letter is the result of a wholy incompetent White House staff, because a competent White House staff would have directed the letter through the State Department, where there are scads of life long civil service employees in the diplomatic corps who make it a point of keeping track of who the current Head of State is for various countries.  But this cannot be, and is heresy besides, because a wholy incompetent White House staff would be indicitive of a wholy incompetent White House executive, and that cannot be because He is the One We Have Been Waiting For.


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