I’m waiting…………….

The Lame Stream Media owes me an apology.  Actually, they owe everyone an apology.

Their offense?  Putting Barack Obama, the hyper partisan, hyper racial, hyper radical leftist in the White House.  This follows the tradition during the Carter administration of the billboard on the highway leading into Georgia that said (paraphrasing ‘cuz it’s been a long time) “We, the farmers of Georgia, apologize for helping make Carter president.”

About March of ’08 the major liberal news outlets (which is pretty much every one but Fox) decided that they were going to put a black man in the White House.  It fit the liberal mindset of the national news world, 90% of which self-identify as Democrat and/or liberal.  Channel the identify politics of liberals.  Channel the victim group politics of liberals, Channel the We Can Fix All The Wrongs Of The World politics of liberals.  Stand up a shallow, narcissitic black man with an exotic name, no relevant resume, who could look good reading other people’s speeches off a teleprompter, and JournoList notwithstanding, I think it was a case of mass media hysteria.

Once it looked like Obama might be a viable candidate (compared to Hillary) the media spent the rest of the campaign pushing their agenda of putting a black man in the White House.  Obama was protected from any untoward coverage, like being asked awkward questions.  The Joe the Plumber kerfuffle was caused by an ‘insurrgent’ sneaking past their protective cover.  The media’s quest to crush him was to not just punative, but precautionary, warning anybody else who might consider looking for inconvenient truths to take the opportunity to keep their mouth’s shut.  Sarah Palin’s public gang rape at the hands of the press and the savaging of her family was the reaction of mother bears protecting their cub because she posed more of a threat to their goal of putting a black man in the White House than McCain was ever going to.

Their fawning coverage of the election was positively orgasmic.  Chris Matthews had his tingle up his leg.  I think we know which one.

Now, 60 days….SIXTY DAYS into his administration the light is being to dawn in the liberal press what a disaster they have wrought.

…and I’m waiting for that apology.


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