Just a reminder…we’re still drowning

I posted a while back describing the Obamacrats economic recovery plan to trying to resuscitate a drowning man by holding his head underwater.

We’re not out of the water yet despite yesterday’s market surge caused by Geithner finally releasing a toxic asset mitigation plan.  Others have noticed.  It was at best a breath of fresh air before the Obamacrats plunge our heads underwater again.  It is just a plan.  It requires the cooperation of private capitalists who the Obamacrats have shown to have zero respect for.  Who really wants to partner with the government right now?  Who wants to have the opportunity to engage in some legal business transactions only to have your name dragged through the mud, hauled in front of the Congressional Clown College to perform in an act of political theater and have ACORN brownshirts pulling up in front of you house to harass your family?  The Democrats all but hung out signs saying, “Let’s have a good ol’ fashion lynch’n here, ya’ all.”

And if there is any movement on the banking front, there is an endless train of Obamacrat anti-business, anti-growth, anti-free market, anti-everything policies waiting in the wings to pour water on any attempt to kindle growth in the economy.

We are not out of the water yet, and the “lifeguard” is going to try to keep the victim afloat by tying bricks to it.


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