Overpopulated by 1

Via Belmont Club, a link to a Times Online article quoting adviser to Britain’s** PM Gordon Brown, Jonathon Porritt, as saying (nay…insisting) that the population of Britain** has to be reduced from 61 million to 30 million.

1.  Countries, like all living things, have a life cycle.  The are created, they flourish, they prosper, they decline, a lion eats them.  Britain may want to stay away from stands of tall grass.

2.  I disregard any call for a reduction in population that is not written on a suicide note or otherwise published posthumously.

3.  In survivor situations, the number one characteristic that determines success or failure is the will to live.  When a society elects a government that does not believe that the society is worth saving or should be saved, that society has forfeited its will to live.

** You can hardly call it Great anymore.

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