Sticking with the Plan

My post on setting up a web site to push for congressional term limits stands.  A commenter sent a link to  While they support term limits and are activists in defending term limits against attacks by political barnacles who don’t want to let go of their office, I didn’t see a path forward for congressional term limits.

The path forward

1) Rough out a draft constitutional amendment that imposes term limits on members of congress*.  I would include term limits on Supreme Court justices as well**.  It doesn’t have to be perfect because it’s going to be finalized in convention.

2a) Draft a resolution to be taken to the state legislatures calling for a constitutional convention chartered to finalize the draft amendment and submit it for ratification.

2b) Draft a resolution to be voted on by referendum tasking the legislature to approve the resolution in 2a in case the barnacles in the state house don’t want to do the right thing.

3)  Look for sponsoring organizations and agents in the 50 states, or at least the 34 needed to call the constitutional convention, to begin the process of promoting the convention resolution.

4) Promote, promote, promote.  Get the amendment in the public eye, especially after every public appearance of some corrupt congressional dotard.  Get it on Rush, Fox, Hannity, etc.

* Having a draft amendment provides a focal point.  It provides a solid object for people to reference, review, and discuss.  It allows the timid to see that its not a knee jerk “vote the rascals out” and gives the rabid something to get behind…besides screaming “Vote The Rascals Out!”.

** Term limits are better than mandatory retirement age.  Mandatory retirement is so discriminitory.


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