Labor Mafias take a hit

Slowly, ever so slowly, the Employee Enslavement Act (aka: The Employee Free Choice Act.  Don’t ya’ just love how politicians name things) is dying in the Senate.  Blanche Lincoln (D-AR) has come out against it.  That would be the Arkansas where Walmart lives.  Along with all of the republican senators, this makes it filibustered.  At least for a little while longer.  There is talk, as there usually is, of eliminating the filibuster because the Democrats are in charge.  Filibusters are for use against Republican majorities as we all know.  Call me an optimist, (or an idealistic airhead) but Card Check is so poisonous that I’m not sure it would get a simple majority in the Senate.  I’m suspecting that there are some Blue Dog Dems saying they are for it now because it is safe.

This does not mean it is gone forever.  The Labor Mafias expect some return for their investment in the Democrats’ and Obama’s victories.  Expect weasel wording to get included in some 1,000 page omnibus bill passed in the middle of the night without debate or the possibility of the membership to review it.

The cost of freedom is eternal vigilance, folks.  The labor mafias, like the Democrats themselves, are only interested in power.


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