It’s the electoral system, stupid!

Yet another sign of Democratic Party corruption of the electoral system.  Detroit admits it has more registered voters than residents over 18 years of age.  Detroit votes 95% Democratic.  Ya’ think the donks are going to fall all over themselves to fix this?

If the Republicans are to make any headway…if they are going to justify their existence…they need to shine the light of day on the Democratic Party’s corruption of the electoral process.  It does not serve the electoral process to pretend that the opposition believes in democracy when clearly it doesn’t.  It is foolish to assume that someone is trustworthy when there is clear evidence to the contrary.

It does not matter what platform the Republicans assume if in the end the votes of all the dead in Chicago, Detroit, New York, Boston, etc are counted by Democratic poll workers from ACORN.  The Democrats do not believe in democracy.  They only believe in power.


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