Failed experiments

I was thinking before the election that if the Republicans wanted to not be Democrat Lights, they needed to carve out some positions that stood out from their ideological leaders in the Democratic Party.  One of the positions should be a platform stating that the experiment in ‘internationalism’ embodied in the United Nations should be considered a failure.  It was supposed to be an organ for smoothing relations between nations.  Instead it has simultaneously become a asylum run by the insane, a penitentiary run by the inmates, and a kindergarten run by the toddlers.  As is so often the case, I was aiming too low.  I’m not sure that the experiment in internationalism embodied in the concept of ‘international law’ shouldn’t be considered a failure.

Off the coast of Somalia, a rag tag gang of peasants waving AK-47s from open boats have brought what the world has mistakenly considered the most powerful nations on Earth to a standstill.  Power is not how big your guns are.  Power is the willingness to use what you’ve got.  France in 1939 had the largest, most modern army and air force in Europe yet the Germans ran over them in a matter of weeks because all the material in the world could not offset the fact that the French high command was pacifist to the core.  Individual units tried to resist the German assault, but they were not supported by generals unwilling to fight.  What has reduced the Great Navies to this level of impotence?  International law as adjudicated by CNN.

From The Volokh Conspiracy, “Ironically, while international law does not deter the pirates, it does deter their victims, and thus encourages piracy.”  Law that cannot or will not protect the innocent from pirates is not law or anything else worth paying any credence to.  We would do better to do right.  When the rest of the world gets tired of being led around by the short hairs, they can join us and start building a new legal framework for the protection of international interests a little more expansive than International Answer and all the other anti-western, anti-freedom, anti-human organizations and agencies.

Yeah, just joking!  We elected an anti-western, anti-freedom, anti-human pantywaist as president!  He’s going to go right out and stand up to the failure of Eurocentric internationalism.


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