Hey, I’ve been there for months

Doubting the omnipotence and omniscience of the The One, that is.

A teleprompter addiction in politics should be like a drug addiction in sports.  It cancels all records.

Now I have never felt that being an eloquent or even fluent off the cuff speaker should be a prerequisite for public office.  The decisions that need to be made, whether executive or legislative, rarely need to be made off the cuff and deliberation is generally a good thing.  Being a fluent off the cuff speaker surely helps make the case that one is sharp as a tack.  BO (no, not the dog) doesn’t have that advantage.  Reading stuff other people wrote off of a screen does not qualify as eloquence.  Claiming that it does should bring into question the judgment of the claimer…but that’s way too opinionated to get into here.

So, since being Teleprompter Reader In Chief (TRIC) is not proof of superior intellect, what is?  Legislative accomplishments?  He has none.  Voting ‘present’ more often than anyone else in history isn’t an accomplishment.  Non-governmental accomplishments?  He admits to being a failure as a community organizer.  He’s done nothing else.  Political genius?  He didn’t win the race for President, he was anointed by the press.  His only success was to be a perfect machine politician.  There are two requirements for a Chicago machine politician: utter ruthlessness or dogmatic loyalty.  Since BO (no, not the dog) had BO (yes, the dog) neutered so he wouldn’t be the only one walking around with a pair, I don’t think ruthlessness was his strong point.

So here’s something for Mr McKinnon to consider.  BO (no, not the dog) is an ideologue robot.  He has Rules for Radicals in one hand, Das Kapital or something in the other and his actions are dogmatic liberalism.  He practices the opposite of realpolitik because  he doesn’t have a clue how the world works, who he’s speaking to or how to relate to them.  Everytime he opens his mouth without the Teleprompter of the United States (TOTUS) present, he exposes his crushing lack of knowledge about just about anything that isn’t liberal dogma.

Is BO (no, not the dog) brilliant?  If he is, he’s sandbagging pretty well (sigh…another sports analogy).


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