Who’s going to be the loser here?

It is ‘common wisdom’ that the fallout of the socialist experiment of the Democrats will either be a resurgence of the Republicans or the entrance of a third party arising from the ashes of the Republicans.  There is another possibility.   Maybe the third party will come out of the hide of the Democrats who have, for all intents and purposes, become the socialist party.

Libertarians (small ‘l’ except at the beginning of sentence) tend to support the liberal social positions of the Democrats.  But there are a lot of social liberals who voted Democrat who are having serious reservations at the insane spending policies and Statist governance being pursued today.  A social liberal who believes in conservative governance (constrained fiscal policy, adherence to Constitutional constraints) is a libertarian…more or less.

So ponder a future: Republicans represent the social conservative crowd.  The libertarians (Tea Partiers?) representing the social liberal crowd, both espousing conservative governance (although the Republicans will have to work to regain any reputation in that respect) and the Democrats representing the socialist/statist crowd.

If the Federal Empire is pared back, states can better reflect the will of their own residents.  California, New York, Massachusettes can pursue socialist anti-growth policies and remain bankrupt for the forseeable future.  Texas, Alaska, Montana, and a whole host of conservative states can vote growth and prosperity.  The remaining states can look at the results of the extremes and decide which they wish to follow.  This is not such a bad future.

For any troll that might wander by, this is what diversity is all about.  Exploring and testing different philosophies and ideas.


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