The Fourth American Republic

Is the United States about to embark on a major political tectonic shift?  James V. DeLong at The American has an article that says we may very well be.  It’s worth the read.  I’ll wait.

The Coming of the Fourth American Republic.

I agree with his position that something is about to break.  The Democrats are insane with power and the Republicans only upset because that power isn’t theirs.  I am a little bit less sanguine than DeLong sounds that it will necessarily bring about change for the better.  As the old saying goes; change is easy, change for the better is hard.  The special interest society is becoming unsustainable.  But Rome’s government also became unsustainable, and it just disintegrated, throwing Europe into chaos for centuries.  Likewise the Boston Tea Part that everyone has been celebrating of late was a precursor to six years of war.  Governments do not give up power easily.

The Tea Party Movement seems to be the only game in town right now to oppose the statists in Washington and the state houses.  It needs to come up with a cohesive platform soon.  At least sooner will be better than later.  People are going to lose interest in waving signs if nothing seems to be happening.  And I don’t see major commitment if the only position is “let’s reduce the tax rate from X to Y.”  The problem isn’t tax rates.  It’s the power behind them and their use to enforce and coerce compliance to that power.

I’m voting for a serious paring back of power from the feds.  1) congressional and judicial term limits. 2) balanced budget, 3) spending caps, 4) elimination of the federal income tax, 5) re-establishment of the intent of the Constitution as a restriction on the power of government.  Sigh. I may have to change the name of my website to “Don Quixote Lives Here“.


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