Hot Air Gets It Wrong (update)

Hot Air uses its running Obamateur series to discuss ObamaGod’s complaining about people borrowing too much while he is running deficits to levels never before even contemplated.  This is not a sign of being an amateur.  Calling it a sign of being an amateur implies that he does not know what he is doing.  That he is basically just a kind of a hapless boob from down the street in a job too big for him.

There is a saying that you shouldn’t attribute to avaricemalice what can be explained by incompetence, or something along that line.  This line is not incompetence.  He is trying to distance himself publicly from what he is doing officially knowing full well the power and prestige of the Democratic mouthpieces in the press with take the line and run with it, to convince the public that “See!  It’s not really his fault.  He doesn’t really believe in these nation destroying deficits.  They’re being created by Bush and Congress and he’s just a well meaning public servant who has to sign them to help the poor.”

And I know people on who it will work.  It’s not amateurism.  It’s pure political posturing.

The Obamateur series may have run its course.  At some point, it ceases to be incompetence.

(Yeah…I used avarice instead of malice.  That’s what I get for writing early in the morning.)


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