The Party of National Suicide

Things to make you go, “Hmmmmm.”

For thirty years, the Democrats have followed a policy of National Energy Suicide.  I believe the first round of Carter shutting down the Clinch River Fast Breeder Reactor.  Since then the Democrats have consistently whined about how much oil the US imports while blocking virtually any new exploration or development of oil shale or oil sands.  All the gum flapping about “renewable energy” and they shut out the most renewable…hydroelectric.  Energy that literally falls from the sky.  The only programs they support are the ones guaranteed to not be able to feed the nation.

Policy of National Economic Suicide.  Underway as we speak.  Destroying the US currency, destroying the free enterprise system, destroying anybody who produces or invests in anything.  A man who has never run anything now takes the reigns of power of everything.  The finance industry reduced to zombies.  The US auto industry well on its way to being the American version of British Leland.  The energy industry to be shut down altogether.  And then there’s the…

Policy of National Hellthcare Suicide.  Government takes over entire healthcare system.  Turns it into post office.  Brain surgery, when it’s available, performed by the schmuck who keeps putting your neighbor’s mail in your box.  Nationalized Healthcare is always a success because the purpose of it is not to save lives, it’s to save money.  Easiest way to save money?  Let them all die.  Except of course the politicians and their aparachiks.  The healthcare rationing is for the little people.


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