Blood lessons

Socialism does not work.

This might have been an easy lesson to learn by watching the decay of Europe.  But no-o-o-o-o-o.  We have to have the Democrats take the plunge so that we have to learn it ourselves.

Every state with legislators dominated by Democrats shares the same traits.  Uncontrollable state budgets.  Uncontrollable state spending.  Increasing inability to function as they struggle to appease the will of their multitude of special interest groups to which they are beholden to.  Note that it doesn’t really matter what party the governor is.  Legislatures control spending and taxes.

The miserable performance of states like New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts just wasn’t good enough to teach the lesson.  Maybe the death of California will get the word out.  California was the seventh largest economy on Earth.  It is being destroyed.  And the ONLY thing driving that destruction is its liberal government.

My call for any conservative candidate is to run against Democratic Party states.  Forget the other sap sitting on the debate stage.  I challenge opposition party candidates to go the whole campaign without saying the opponents name.  Run against the Democrats.  Run against Massachusetts.  Run against New Jersey.  Run against California.  Make your campaign an education opportunity to teach the electorate what socialist Democratic policies will lead to.


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