By way of Don Surber, the New York Times reports that Germany is not happy with the United States.  It seems that after openly endorsing Obama as president, they are less than pleased with his administration’s attitude towards them.  Poor babies.

The Germans have a word for my feelings towards their angst (which I believe is yet another german word).


The Germans and most of Western Europe were unspeakably hateful to the one man who was and always will be their friend and who sacrificed all of his reputation to support and defend the principles they claim for themselves. Instead they fawned over the narcissistic empty suit who’s sole asset was his image…a pretty face that could read teleprompters with passion. So now they’ve got their Messiah, who dismisses them as rubes. Who’s personal world view and political philosophy identifies not with the progress that was West Germany, but the regression that was East Germany. So I laugh at the Germans’ confusion with their new God.

The Germans, of all the people in world should be aware of the dangers of following a charismatic messianic leader who writes self-aggrandizing autobiographies before they ever accomplish anything.  To paraphrase an old saw:  Fool them once, shame on him.  Fool them twice, shame on them.


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