Sarah Unleashed

Back in early 2008, I ran across a web site that pushed the “Draft Sarah Palin” movement.  Actually, it was the Draft Sarah Palin movement.  Some college kid had created the site some months before.  I reviewed the site, did some Googling of this person I had never heard of before (Sarah, not the college kid) and became a supporter.  I believe I was telling people that she should be nominated in February ’08, and this was well before the Republicans even had a nominee.  I pretty much figure that I was rooting for unicorns like the Obomabots.  Calling her a long shot was too optimistic.

Imagine my surprise when McCain selected her.  It may be the only thing he did right after the nomination.  She was the only reason I voted for him.  I was prepared to throw another protest vote at a third party again.  (swore I wouldn’t do that any more.  Last time I did I helped put Bubba in office)

Her influence on people is highlighted by the absolute ape-sheis, out of their minds, deranged paraxysms of fear driven hatred exibited by the Left.  Her very appearence on the stage drove them insane.  Within 24 hours they had sold every shred of decency they may have had left in their attempts to destroy her.

Now Palin is resigning from the Governorship of Alaska.  A whole bunch of people are writing her off as finished.  A quitter who is cowering before a few personal attacks.  No one has ever successfully run for President who didn’t finish a single term in office. Yada. yada…. because rules about finishing a term don’t apply to Senators from Illinois…

As we have all seen in the last few election cycles, the next election begins shortly before the ballots are cast in the previous election.  Hillary ran for office for over a decade.  Her whole “I want a seat in the Senate from a state I’ve never lived in” schtick was part of a presidential campaign that lasted over a decade.  There are people all over the Republican Party who are maneuvering for position today and Palin needs to be maneuvering too.

Being governor of Alaska had become a burden on the pursuit of national office.  The logistics of working from Alaska made national appearances logistically difficult to arrange.  The Governorship was an anchor that kept her tied down because it was like a full time day job, and the Left was using it as a lever against her by bludgeoning her with daily trumped up ethics charges.  Giving up the governorship liberates her.  She will be free to stay in the lower 48 and make continuous public appearances.  By resiging now, she will be in a position to influence congressional contests in the 2010 election.  Helping to pull conservative candidates over the top even appearing to decrease or even overturn the Democrat’s majority will make her the clear party leader going into the 2012 election.

It’s classic Judo.  Sun Tzu (author of The Art of War) would be pleased.  The Left would have done better to have left her alone in Alaska.  Instead their pathological hatred and constant attacks have kept her front and center in the public eye.  Now she sheds the burdensome office that they were using to beat on her.  She’s free to maneuver.  She doesn’t have to hold back to avoid saying things that might be inapropo for a governor.  She can go where she wants, when she wants and say what she wants.  She can spend what she wants.  She is unleashed.

The Force is With Sarah Palin.


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