Hollywood doesn’t live here anymore

Read a recent statistic about the exodus of TV and movie production from Southern California (sorry, no link).  It focused on the impact of the companies that provide support services to the production companies.  Companies that rent hoists, props, costumes, sets and whatever.  The downsizing is significant and abrupt.  They were talking some company’s business down over 50% in two years.

What is happening is the production organizations are bailing California for greener pastures.  The article put the blame on other states luring the companies with sweet tax incentives.  But given the established infrastructure, tradition, concentration of experienced workers and everything else available in the Los Angeles area to support TV and movie production, it would take more than just tax breaks to convince a company to move.  The reality is the TV and movie industry is escaping the sinking ship of the Late Great State of California.

Oppressive taxation, government regulation of everything, political influence of the labor mafias, open enmity of the legal environment against business…gee, what’s not to like about doing business there.  California is one of the best examples there is of a state committing economic suicide through the destruction of its business environment.

The irony is that Hollywood, shoving little ol’ ladies out of the way to clamber on to the departing lifeboats, is probably one of the principle contributors to California running into the iceberg.  For decades, Hollywood has spread the liberal propaganda on the evils of capitalism and emphasizing the joys of anti-social behavior, undermining to the best of their ability the traditional American traits of work and thrift and striving for success.  Now they run away from the little socialist worker’s paradise they have created.  Perhaps it may not be such a good idea for states to open them too readily.


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