The American Plutocracy

Wrote my junior senatecritter last night mentioning that if healthcare reform was really ‘reform’, as in an improvement, that maybe all the congresscritters and their families and hangers on might want to sign themselves up for it like they are forcing the rest of the country.

Increasingly, the ruling elite is separating themselves from the society that they rule.  Not serve, not govern.  Rule.  They raise taxes on the society with no intention of paying them themselves.  The limousine liberals fly private jets around the world and accuse the plebes of wanting too much out of life.  That the best we can hope to achieve is to shiver in the dark and look longingly at the light coming from all the windows of their mansions.  Like every plutocracy in history, they tell us its for our own good.

This is why Sarah Palin triggers such strong emotion.  She is not one of the elite.  She does not meet any of the criteria.  She does not want any of the criteria.  She is a revolutionary just by her existence because she threatens the caste structure the ruling elite have built for themselves over the years.

There’s a saying about sometimes, a little revolution is a good thing.


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