The hyper-racial president

For all you people who are shocked…SHOCKED, mind you…about The One’s response to his friend Henry “Skip past the law” Gates’ arrest.  Remember that this is the same guy (Obama that is) who sat in the pews at Jeremiah Wright’s church for twenty years wallowing in racist bigotry.

Fun fact:  Obama did not express an off the cuff knee jerk reaction to the question.  The question was a plant (of course).  The answer was prepared.

He is so blinded by his Jeremiah Wright racist indoctronation, he thought calling the police stupid would win him points.  That fits in with his Saul Alinsky school of politics and Groucho Karl Marx school of economics.

Fun fact:  In addition to being a racist hate-monger, Gates is a tax cheat.  Obama friend…tax cheat.  Talk about stereotyping.

Of course that fits in with the waving the Harvard ID to prove not that it was his house but that he was above repute and it was an affront to even ask him a question.  (Joe the Plumber may be able to fill in some details about how that goes with The One)  If he wants to break into a house, what business is that of the police?  He’s a Harvard professor.  He wants to cheat on his taxes, what business is that of the tax paying public?  He’s a Harvard professor.  What is it about these self-congratulatory academics?  Those who can, do…and those who can’t assume their better than those who do?

And before we leave the subject, let’s remember that Our Dear Leader was also an academic.  That may explain a lot.

Peas in a pod.  Birds of a feather.  Let’s see…it’s Tuesday.  What’s Obama going to step in today?


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