Zerobama forever

He accomplished nothing as a community organizer, by his own admission.

He got into Hah’vahd by virtue (if you want to call it that) of affirmative action.

He taught constitutional law, but proves pretty much daily that he knows nothing about it.  It doesn’t speak highly of the University of Chicago that students had to pay money to have this constitutional know nothing talk at them.

He accomplished nothing as a state senator.

He accomplished nothing as a US senator.

And he was affirmative actioned into the White House by a liberal press corps that was blinded by the idea of the First Black President.

His sole aptitude is the ability to manipulate a political machine in order to accumulate personal power.  Once he has that power, he can do nothing with it because he is otherwise totally bereft of talent.  Bowling isn’t the only thing he sucks at.

Now, the best we can hope for is that as Teleprompter Reader Of The United States, he continue his stellar record of consistency with with regard to his list of accomplishments before he does irreparable damage to the country.

That means he’s a shoo in for the next Secretary-General of the United Nations!  A position as head of a world body larger than the United States with absolutely zero record of success.  PERFECT!

Now if we can just convince him to do like he did during his vast senatorial career and quit before it’s a third over to assume a more important position.


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  1. TharpSter on

    He throws like a girl too.

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