How do you know Obama’s lying?

He inhaled.

Whatever comes out is going to be dishonest…even if his lips don’t move.

I hate it when I get home and the wife is watching the evening democratic propaganda.  It doesn’t give me a chance to relax.  I get home today and the Teleprompter Reader Of The United States is having a townhall meeting to convince people to sell their souls to the government.  The Democrats are going after people’s souls because the Porkulus Bill already bought their children.  Anyway, the TROTUS is carrying on about how if any of the blue dog congressmen don’t believe what’s in the ObamaCare bill, then they can just come over to the White House and he’ll go over it with them line by line.

Is it even possible for him to understand how juvenile that sounds?

  1. He’s never read it.  He doesn’t know what’s in it.  He doesn’t care as long as something with his name on it is passed by Congress so he can take credit for it.
  2. It’s over a thousand page long.  How many line items is that?  10,000?  50,000?  How long would it take to go through that carefully.  Days?  Weeks?  Curiously, it would take far longer to study it than it took for the Democrats to throw the peice of trash together in the fist place.  It’s amazing how fast a peice of legisltation can grow when you have absolutely no concern for what’s in it.  And it explains why the Democrats are so determined not to give anybody the days or weeks needed to study it.
  3. To throw out such a ridiculous scenario that EVERYONE knows is just noise is just acting stupidly.  Much of Obama’s loss of popular opinion is because people are starting to figure just how much a contributor ot global warming he is.

Obama is flippant because he lacks the understanding to be serious.  He throws out lines unworthy of a bad stand-up comedian because he assumes the press will cover for him (they always have in the past).  He is incapable of making reasoned arguments for this (or any other subject) because he is simply not involved in it.  National Healthcare has been dogma to the Left for his entire life.  Everything he knows is liberal dogma.  Anything beyond that is simply beyond his understanding.  Remember, this is a guy who never ran so much as a lemonade stand in his life.  Why are people surprised that he is floundering so badly.


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  1. Manny on

    Barak Hussein Obama, SCROTUS… Socialist Crushing Rights of the United States.

    Lets face it, if anyone thinks SCROTUS will read even a page of the death care plan being offered by that band of miscreants and looters of the American middle classes wallet, well they must have either high amounts of lead in their water or were dropped on their heads at birth. SCROTUS doesn’t care a lick about us common folk, in fact it’s becoming apparent that he and his cronies believe we just don’t know what’s good for us and their way is best. I find it especially distressing that our elected elite ruling class aren’t held to the scrutiny that a fast food cook is when going through the application process for a minimum wage job. Even more
    distasteful is the fact that our ruling elite won’t be joining us regular folk in this wonderful death care plan, of course they aren’t giving up THEIR healthcare and living like the rest of us peons. I really wonder what it’s going to take for the masses of this country to wake up and see what’s happening here.

  2. way2opinionated on

    Curiously, I had thought about using SCROTUS but couldn’t come up with a good acronym quickly.

  3. Manny on

    Well, I knew I had to hurry it up in comittee and get it through before the congress recess…

    As far as the rest, it’s like the Roman emperors of old – bread and circuses.
    The idea was if the masses are distracted by cheap food and games then they won’t realize they are living in a world of sh*t and get to rioting. The funny thing is SCROTUS inane droning in Raliegh left the captive (no longer captivated) crowd wishing it would end and keeping one eye on the nearest exit. Again, the Roman emporer Nero who fancied himself quite the artist, orator and actor used to pack in the crowd and close the doors not allowing anyone to leave before his performance was over. Pregnant women feigning labor and the men death just to get carried out of the arena.

  4. zoroafter on

    The big hypocrisy

    Lord Obama is saying it’s the evil special interest groups and insurance companies making record profits causing healthcare costs to skyrocket while not providing adequate care on one hand and oh, by the way, they are ‘on board’ with this obscene legislation. Then he throws in AARP is endorsing this, which they deny and how the AMA supports this as if they represent all doctors and medical professionals yet the AMA rolls have been steadily declining for years as they do not represent the ideals or opinions of most doctors and only represent 17% of medical professionals.

    Lets digress for a minute… How many social programs that have been initiated are currently fiscally viable? I can’t think of one. How many ‘temporary’ taxes have been rescinded? Again, I can not think of one. If I remember correctly and what most people don’t realize is the federal income tax (16th amendment) was never actually legally ratified.

    Lets face it, there are some truths that come to mind: one is that money to the American political machine is like heroin to a drug addict. They know they should give it up but are addicted and it’s worse because our politicians are all enablers. Take the ‘stimulus’, states are taking the money for whatever ridiculous programs it’s earmarked for with the sentiment that it’s there and everyone else is taking it. The politicians and liberal media tout the distribution of their ill gotten gains saying ‘see, we are bringing in this money and it’s working to stimulate the economy and create jobs’. If they had not taken the money it would have been getting spent locally anyway and this would have buoyed the local economies by keeping more struggling small businesses afloat. That means job loss would have slowed on it’s own and people would have been a little more optimistic about the economy. That in turn keeps more people at work putting more money back into the economy and increasing tax revenues without actually raising taxes. Our omniscient elected officials obviously have some kind of magic wand that make all things wonderful again but requires large infusions of cash on a regular basis to keep it functioning. Kind of like a flashlight that requires batteries to be replaced when they run down. Evidently they’ve discovered that they can cheaply keep their wand fully charged by just printing more cash or getting it in an endless supply from that magical land of the orient where it grows on trees and our new best friends (Chinese) are going to keep pumping it out in the form of loans no one has any idea how it’s going to get repaid. So, in effect DC is not only spending the money they’ve stolen from our wallets each and every day, they are now spending money stolen from our future earnings – kind of like some crazy time machine which is of course controlled by that same magic wand.

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