The solution is so obvious, it hurts

Dr. Zero at Hot Air makes another of the near infinite cases for term limits.

Unlimited tenure not only corrupts the officeholder, it corrupts the electorate who like Pavlov’s dog pull the lever for the incumbent irregardless of their lack of character, record of corruption and sleaze or outright criminal history.  The electorate is corrupted by a competitive system that pits one district’s or state’s seniority against another’s to see who can steal the most from the public coffers and ‘bring home the bacon’.

The strategy to bring this about is simple and has worked before.  The state legislatures start passing resolutions calling for a constitutional convention for the purpose of establishing term limits for Congress (I would also push for term limits for Supreme Court justices as well).  It takes two thirds of the states to convene the convention.  Congress gets nervous when a call for a constitutional convention starts gaining momentum because the convention has no bounds.  It can get together and propose a whole new document and who knows where that would go.  Then Congress passes the desired amendment to take the wind out of the sails of the convention movement.  This was how the states pressured Congress to pass the 17th Amendment which changed the way senators were elected.  This is what it will take to impose term limits on Congress.

The law in unintended consequences will undoubtedly apply to term limits just like it does any other major form of legislation.  But Congress is broken. The very concept of representative government is threatened as the entrenched political machine, drunk with its own sense of importance and insane with its insatiable quest for power, passes massive restructuring of the country’s society in bills it has not read and in many cases even written yet.  Yup.  Congress votes for a bill’s title and then staff members stuff laws into it after it has passed.  There is no way that is constitutional.  This has to end.

So as appealing as the idea of bring tar, feathers and political whores together is, the correct course of action is term limits.


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