How to create a welfare state – II

Offer people something very tangible for “Nothing”.  In the ’70s it was government cheese.  In the ’00s it’s car rebates.  Make people really happy to take a “freebie” from the government.  Get them used to it.

People ask the price of a soul.  It’s not even a car, just a downpayment on one.

Now in the interest of full disclosure, I have a four clunker family.  In fact, we are in the process of trading in two clunkers for two newer clunkers.  No way we can handle new car payments while college loans are building up.  This makes me an absolute moral superior to the suckers and sell outs enabling the communization of America!  If they want my soul, it’s going to cost them at least the forgiveness of college loans.  The parent loans anyway.


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