Sorry…I’m amused (updated)


Obama meet your nemesis.  Hah!

Yeah, yeah, “You conservatives complained when people made cartoons of McBushychimphitler.  Now you’re doing the same thing!  Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.”

Well actually, I didn’t.  I’m not opposed to flag burning…as long as it’s the burner’s flag.  Burn somebody else’s flag and it’s vandalism.  You buy a flag you can do what you want with it.

I’ve seen some of the cartoons made about Abraham Lincoln.  Abe as an ape.  Abe eating dinner if a field of impaled corpses.  That’s just the price of being the Big Guy.  Get over it and take it like a man.  Better yet.  Take it like George W. Bush did for over eight years.

Update:  Dang people…don’t ya’ get it?  It was explained in agonizing detail in the movie.  The Joker was Chaos.  Change without concern for the consequences.  He just wanted to watch the world burn.  The reality of Hope and Change is that you Hope the Change is for the better.  Demolition is as much change as construction and a whole lot easier.


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