Disbar Congress?

Imagine if you will, a lawyer representing a client in a contract negotiation. It is the job of the lawyer to know what is in the contract and to advise the client if the contents are in the client’s best interest or not.  Now imagine that the lawyer doesn’t take the time to read the contract but goes ahead and advises the client to sign anyway.  Later the client founds out that they effectively signed their life away.  That the contract was in fact full of clauses completely to the detriment of the client.  Imagine also that this was the modus operandi of this particular lawyer.  The lawyer would be guilty of malfeasance and subject to disbarment for failing to properly represent the clients.

Some 80% or more of Congress is lawyers.  They are supposed to be in Washington, DC representing their home districts similar to how a lawyer represents a client.  When they approve a bill, they are in effect binding their client, their district, to a contract.  Now figure that they are habitually signing these legal contracts on behalf of their clients not only without reading them, but before they are even written.  The level of irresponsibility, the failure to properly represent their clients, surely meets the disbarment criteria of the legal community they belong to.

Somebody call the ABA.


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